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Horseback Riding in Vieques, PR

If you asked us one fun fact about our beautiful island, we would probably tell you that we have more horses than people. It's not uncommon to see wild horses running in the fields near Vieques National Wildlife Reserve, and sometimes these impressive creatures meander onto our roads searching for grass to eat.

However, you don't just have to admire the horses from afar. You can grab a saddle and hop on a noble steed for yourself! The people living on Vieques have domesticated horses on personal farms. The farms' trained guides will lead you through the many trails Vieques has hidden in the trees.

If you are interested in a romantic evening guiding your horses on the beach, or if you have children in your party who love animals, this is a must-do Vieques activity!

*Be aware that most stables enforce a weight limit for the sake of their horses. Around 190 - 225 pounds.

How to Dress for Horseback Riding

While Puerto Rico is typically hot, you should still wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. Breathable shirts, socks, and underwear can reduce chafing and overheating. Obviously, none of this is required, but wearing clothes like this will make your experience more comfortable. You'll be thanking us after this advice!

Some common articles of clothing people wear (when they shouldn't) have included:
  • Hats: They can easily blow off or fall off your head, especially in the ocean breeze.
  • Hiking Boots or Flip Flops: These shoes are not practical for horseback riding, as they are either too bulky or fall off easily.
  • Fancy clothes: They are going to get dirty and won't even feel comfortable on the horse.

Horse Trails

Since it's unlikely you'll be bringing your own horse to Vieques, most of the trail rides will be guided tours of the island. Esperanza Riding Company, Jurutungo Farms, Colon Horseback Riding, and Sailh's Paradise Horse Riding are the only horse farms that do these tours.

Black Sand Beach

The trails you will ride on may vary depending on where you are on the island. Most of the farms close to the Esperanza Inn will take you along Black Sand Beach on the southern edge of our island. You'll weave through the beaches and see some beautiful ocean panoramas from the sandy shore.

Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

Alternatively, you may get a chance to ride through the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. Your guides will lead you across the grassy meadows and through the forest trees, helping you to avoid the wild horses on your journey.

Because the refuge is so huge and seemingly endless pathways to explore, it makes for an exciting adventure throughout your ride.


Lastly, you'll have the chance to guide your horse through Mosquito, particularly near the Mosquito Bay Pier. The beaches on the north side of Vieques aren't explored as much by our guests as the southern ones, which can make your excursion there even more thrilling!

Special Rides

You may think all of this sounds great, but how can you make it even more special?

For one, you could hire a private tour, which most of the horse farms offer in the region. It costs significantly more than traveling in a group, but sometimes keeping it private can make for a more memorable experience.

You can also choose to ride at sunset or at dusk. These kinds of rides can be unforgettable because of their scenery. When the moon is illuminating the island floor, it creates a magical moment that can be amazing if you're with your special someone.

Come and see us

Horseback Riding is a beloved activity many have come to enjoy on our tiny island. Not many people can say they've ridden on a horse on the beaches of a Caribbean island, but now you can! If you haven't booked your vacation yet, what are you waiting for?