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Fishing in Vieques

With the shore only being a few minutes away from your hotel room, you better believe that Vieques has good fishing. You can venture into the Wildlife Refuge to get some freshwater fishing in, or you can relax on the beach by surf fishing. Each option provides a host of exciting fishing opportunities.

In this guide, we will delve into how to start your Vieques fishing journey. What permits do you need? What kind of fish can you catch? What is surf fishing? All of this will be answered down below!

Puerto Rico Fishing License

You don't need a fishing license like you would in the states if you are fishing in federal waters. This area begins in Puerto Rico and extends to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

However, while you don't need a fishing license to cast your line in Puerto Rico, you do need to follow federal fishing regulations. You can only harvest certain types of fish during their designated seasons, for example. You can learn about all of these regulations in the Recreational Fishing Regulations handbook, available here.

Fishing Seasons

Here are some of the fishing seasons and regulations you need to be aware of so you don't harvest a fish during the wrong time of the year. Catch and release is preferred for most of these creatures.

No Harvesting:
Nassau Grouper, Goliath Grouper, Midnight, Blue, Rainbow Parrotfish

February 1 - April 30:
Red, Black, Tiger, Yellowfin, Yellowedge Groupers

December 1 - End of February:
Red Hind Grouper

April 1 - June 30
Mutton, Lane Snapper

October 1 - December 31
Black, Blackfin, Vermilion, Silk Snapper

June 1 - October 31
Queen Conch

Can you go freshwater fishing in Vieques?

Unfortunately, there aren't enough estuaries or rivers on the island for freshwater fish to live. Because of this, there are no freshwater fishing spots we can recommend.

Vieques Fishing Report

Here is a list of the fish you can catch on our island. Most freshwater creatures are not fish that live on Vieques, so fishing isn't usually done in the rivers or estuaries on the island.

Blue Marlins
White Marlins

Shore Fishing and Fly Fishing

Shore fishing, or as it's known in the Caribbean, surf fishing, is a great way to spend your time. You can sit on the beach, picnic with friends, and take a short swim while keeping your eye on your fishing pole. Any of the scenic beaches around the island are perfect for fishing!

You can also fly fish here as well. Fly fishing is much more involved than typical shore fishing. Fly fishing charters are incredibly popular, as you can snag big fish such as tarpons and marlins. If you want to test your mettle against the biggest fish in the Caribbean, this is how you do it.

Tarpon Fishing

One of the most popular fish to search for are tarpons. These aquatic giants are popular to fight in the Caribbean, and are considered one of the bucket list fish for seasoned anglers. Fly fishing these beasts are even more involved and exciting.

While experienced fishermen might prefer to go it alone, it's generally recommended that you buy a ticket on a charter so you do it right!

Fishing Charters

Caribbean Fly Fishing Company
If you want to go Tarpon Fishing, get in touch with the Caribbean Fly Fishing Company. They are one of the best charters in the territory.

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