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Culebra Island Day Trip

Vieques is a beautiful island. You'll want to spend as much time as possible exploring every nook and cranny. While Vieques is a better place to stay for a week, our sister island Culebra shouldn't be overlooked for a day trip.

A favorite excursion for people spending their day in Puerto Rico, Culebra is even smaller than Vieques. While many of the island's attractions and things to do are similar to ours, Culebra's unique shape makes it excellent for seeing wildlife through snorkeling tours.

Additionally, you'll find that Culebra has a smaller-town feel than Vieques does. Guests say they wouldn't want to stay overnight at Culebra, but it's a worthwhile visit for any Puerto Rican tourist.

Is it worth it to take a day trip to Culebra?

Keep in mind that this trip won't be for everyone. For young families with children, it can be annoying to travel by plane to Puerto Rico, hop on a ferry to Vieques, and then jump into another plane to go to a different small island. Even adults may want to stay on Vieques and enjoy what they have in Esperanza.

While it is a fun excursion, don't feel like you have to pay for it if you don't want to.

How to Get to Culebra

Speaking of travel, how do you get from Vieques to Culebra? You have a couple of options.

Culebra Ferry

You know the ferry you rode in on? You may want to take it back to mainland Puerto Rico, and then embark on another ferry to Culebra.

This method of transportation isn't recommended, as it can take a huge chunk of time out of your Culebra visit. But it's the cheapest method if you don't mind the wait.


Easily the fastest way to get to Culebra, and well worth it if you don't need to worry about money. A round-trip flight will cost around $100 a person.


Another method of transportation that is expensive but more memorable is a Catamaran. These boats can shuttle you and your party to Culebra with ease.

Usually you can ride one of these as part of a package deal with a Vieques travel agency. Organized travel excursions like these can make your day much easier.

Things to Do in Culebra

As you learn about Culebra, you'll no doubt hear of its wildlife and attractions. Here is a list of our guests' favorite things to do when they arrive.


The Culebra beaches are renowned for their piercing blue water and menagerie of aquatic creatures. Some of the best beaches are Tamarindo Beach, Flamenco Beach, and Punta Soldado. If you are on an organized excursion, you will likely have a few hours to tan on the beach.


But you can get good beaches on Vieques! Why is Culebra so special? Well, you won't find a better place in Puerto Rico to snorkel than Culebra. The beaches mentioned above are hotspots for sea turtles, exotic fish, and sometimes even dolphins.

Bringing your own snorkeling equipment works, but you can also rent gear from different stores in Culebra. This should be your top priority.

Jet Skiing

You can also rent a jet ski and explore all of the waters next to Culebra. This is the perfect activity for thrillseekers.


Last of all, there are a few diving platforms and cliffs you can jump off. It's a blast for those who want to go swimming, but don't mind a huge shot of adrenaline.

Come and see us

Hopefully you've heard enough about Culebra that you'll want to book a flight to Puerto Rico straightaway. Here at Esperanza Inn, we will make sure all your needs are met throughout your stay.